San Francisco, CA

 Bose Frames AR Glasses


Next-generation wearable eyewear product development.



Cupertino, CA

PanaCast Video Conferencing Camera


Funded by Intel Capital and acquired by Jabra, Altia Systems has developed the Panacast camera for video conferencing applications. With its ultra-wide 180º field of view and real-time stitched 4K resolution, PanaCast 2 delivers exceptionally clear video with a natural human visual perspective.



San Francisco, CA

Shenzhen, China

Taipei, Taiwan

Voltus USB-C Power Source & Hub

Voltus is a notebook accessory which provides mobile power and a high-speed USB hub in one compact device. Designed for the new generation of USB-C devices, Voltus let you charge your laptop anywhere and also acts as a mobile docking station for all of your USB peripherals.  

Voltus was successfully funded on Kickstarter in June 2015 and is currently in development.


2014 - 2015

Scottsdale, AZ

Shenzhen, China

Hong Kong

Axon Body Wearable Law Enforcement Camera


Axon Body is the world’s leading on-officer wearable camera platform. The camera features high-resolution video, intelligent auto-record functionality, and a rugged case designed to withstand the harshest conditions.


2013 - Present

Los Angeles, CA

Shenzhen, China

RIDEYE: The Black Box Camera for Bikes


Much like the black box recorder on an airplane, RIDEYE's singular purpose is to capture evidence to prove what happened after an accident. Designed specifically for bicyclists and motorcyclists, RIDEYE is operated by a single button, and captures 1080p video in a continuous loop. Should an accident occur, the camera has an internal IMU (inertial measurement unit) that precisely detects the collision and saves all relevant footage for later review.


2012 - 2014

Los Angeles, CA

Joshua Tree desert, CA

DARPA: Classified Robotics Project


Applied Minds is a Los Angeles-based think tank specializing in robotics research. DARPA and the US Air Force approached us with a challenge- design a robot which reduces the number of IED-related injuries to dismounted (walking) soldiers.

We developed and successfully demonstrated a fully autonomous robot that used a LIDAR scanner and onboard computers to lead a group of soldiers from the front. It was controlled using a specifically designed glove, packed with touch and gesture sensors, and a wearable, handheld computer. All components were designed and assembled in-house.



Chandler, AZ

Intel Atom Embedded Development Platform


The Intel Atom series of microprocessors are a great fit for demanding embedded applications, like robotics, automation, and in-vehicle infotainment. At Intel, I helped design the customer reference boards used to demonstrate this functionality. Specifically, I focused on balancing performance and thermal management in demanding environments.

By optimizing these two factors, I was able to reduce boot-up time of the Intel Atom-based In Vehicle Infotainment system by 45% and power consumption by 20%, securing a design win with a major automotive group.


2010 - 2012

Tucson, AZ

Rain Bird Series 5000 Rotor


Rain Bird's high-end rotors are complex assemblies with hundreds of discrete components, capable of precisely distributing water over hundreds of feet. I designed the nozzle system for this product, which required CFD analysis of the flow profile, and 3d printing of prototypes.